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Arizona Recovery is a Recovery Community Organization and provides multiple peer support services including overdose outreach, family support, peer support and general support services for all substance use disorders. To request services, complete the form below:

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Recovery is Possible

We Empower Indivuduals & Connect Communities

Arizona Recovers, formerly Addiction Haven, is a grassroots organization dedicated to changing the conversation surrounding addiction, mental health, and trauma.

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About Our Foundation

REAL Change

Arizona Recovers empowers individuals and connects communities affected by addiction, mental health, and trauma.

Trauma Informed

Trauma Informed Care is paramount for working with individuals who have experienced adversity.

Empowering Individuals

Providing consistency, commitment, and support to those actively using substances and/or in recovery. 

Connecting communities

Our passion to help people at all levels of recovery is built on effectively listening to the community and their needs.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, Become a Part of the Movement

There should be no shame in addiction. No one chooses to have a substance use disorder. However, society tends to believe it’s a moral failing, in part, due to the lack of education about what life with addiction truely looks like. Arizona Recovers strives to provide quality education and resources to those facing addiction in thier lives. It is time we stand together, tall and proud, and fight for ourselves and our families.

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Arizona Advocacy Update

Arizona Advocacy Update

On January 11th we held our most successful Addiction and Recovery Advocacy Day yet!! We had 67 people sign up to meet with their representatives and almost 20 more who showed up to support! There were 35 confirmed meetings with individual legislators and for lunch we...

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Recovery Myths

Recovery Myths

2 Biggest Lies About Recovery There are so many misconceptions about recovery and two of them can be lethal.  1. It’s all about your D.O.C. (Drug of Choice) WRONG! Addiction doesn’t care what kind of drug or alcohol you are abusing. It doesn’t matter if you are...

To be a teen again…

To be a teen again…

“Your perception of your potential will determine how much of your potential you will live.” -Robin Sharma Would you go back to being a teen if you could? Most people I know would answer… “Hell no! Not even if you gave me a million dollars!” In fact, I have said that...

Teen Angst?

Teen Angst?

Signs that your teen could be struggling: Retreats to their room more often than notHas aches and pains regularly, especially stomach issuesMood swingsChange in normal activitiesChange in friendsChange in music tastes, TV, friends Being a teenager wasn’t easy for me....

Let's Start the Recovery Together

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Peer Support that creates and sustains connectivity.


Changing the conversation surrounding addiction.


Working to ensure every treatment, outpatient, and sober living facility is trained in trauma informed care.

Zero Suicide

Assistance with continued care for patients who are identified as moderate to high risk for suicide.

education & prevention

Programs focused on addiction, recovery and prevention.

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BRAVE Community Campaign

BRAVE is a community of peers that is low barrier and a pioneer concept in Arizona open to all individuals struggling with substance use, mental health, and/or trauma! Our passion to help people at all levels of recovery is built on effectively listening to the community and their needs.

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If it wasn’t for them I might be a part of this pandemic, catching diseases and things like that so hopefully they can keep it going, good luck and whatever I can do to help please let me know.
-Damien D

I like the fact that you come out without discrimination. Everything you do is out of love. You guys coming out and showing love is overwhelming to our hearts.

-Rick T

Alright, so Brave has helped and will continue to help me not just with what everyone thinks like harm reduction supplies, food, clothing. But Brave gives me you guys! It’s given me friends, it gives me a place to go on Friday nights that is safe, a place where I know I'll be accepted.

-James P