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Arizona Recovery is a Recovery Community Organization and provides multiple peer support services including overdose outreach, family support, peer support and general support services for all substance use disorders. To request services, complete the form below:

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Our Foundation: Three Pillars

Arizona Recovers empowers individuals and connects communities affected by addiction, mental health, and trauma to create recovery ready communities by changing the conversation through advocacy, peer support, collaboration, and community events. There should be no shame in addiction. No one chooses to have a substance use disorder. However, society tends to believe it’s a moral failing, in part, due to the lack of education about what life with addiction truely looks like. Arizona Recovers strives to provide quality education and resources to those facing addiction in thier lives.

Changing the Conversation

In order for REAL individual empowerment and REAL community connection to take place there needs to be REAl conversation using REAL life changing concepts and messaging. For far too long the conversation surrounding addiction, mental health and its contributing factors has included misunderstanding, stereotyping, stigmatization, and often marginal cultural competency. At Arizona Recovers we believe that REAL change happens when the conversation centers around authentic, empathetic, heart-level communication combined with effective evidence-based practices.

Empowering Individuals

Everyone has the ability to grow, learn, and heal in the right environment which is a foundational piece of the recovery process. Empowerment can only take place when a sense of hope is present. At Arizona Recovers we believe that defining and offering individuals real hope is key, and from that hope a chance to build their own path that leads to emotional resilience, value, voice, with just the right tools to move forward in their own unique personal recovery journey.

Connecting the Community

Arizona Recovers not only believes in the need for Community as a centerpiece of recovery, but also in intentional accessibility to all the various parts of Community. By bringing the focus on as many community components and services working together as possible, we believe it makes for a better, more resilient recovery community and leads to a solid foundation for sustained recovery. In essence, a connected Community equals more people in need getting exactly what they need. This is why we have created, implemented, and networked with critical community programs including harm reduction, emergency rooms, trauma informed education and resourcing, youth substance use prevention and education, and regional coalition collaboration.

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