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BRAVE is a community of peers that is low barrier and a pioneer concept in Arizona open to all individuals struggling with substance use, mental health, and/or trauma! Our passion to help people at all levels of recovery is built on effectively listening to the community and their needs.This community is peer led, person centered, and trauma informed and founded on these key priciples:

Homeless Outreach

BRAVE Community is a radical approach to supporting people experiencing homelessness. We take pride in the unconditional love and lack of barriers that our outreach centers itself in. At our weekly site and mobile outreach we offer snacks, drinks, fresh cooked food, clothing, hygiene products, first aid items, harm reduction supplies, and other necessities.

The success of Brave Community has been determined largely through word of mouth by people who are street based. We listen to the community on what supplies are needed and wanted. Peer support is always on site to provide resources or simply a compassionate ‘ear’

Building Resiliencey Meetings

Building Resiliency Meetings are harm reduction based support for those who struggle with substance use, mental health, and/or trauma. They are non judgmental spaces to explore learning new skills and meeting others who understand.



Substances do not define who you are and through our committed volunteers, there is hope for a better way of living! Take that first step to connect!


Every person is whole and has different strengths to offer each other especially returning from the darkness that is felt prior to connecting with others. We know together we are stronger and able to overcome some of life’s most challenging moments!


Staying active is an important component of connection to self and others. BRAVE hosts many activities such as: engaging in the community through volunteer efforts, hiking, and sports which will promote a feeling of purpose.


Finding your voice is one of the most powerful tools of change. Our premise is that everyone has a unique story with inherent value that can transform our current conversation around addiction and recovery.


Our community is committed to motivating change within ourselves and others by relying on each other and lifting one another up! Together we can!

Our Approach: Recovery with a Purpose

BRAVE’s goal is to have a recognizable and substantial meeting space which will be open daily to provide consistency, commitment, and support to those actively using substances and/or in recovery. Our mobile outreach includes food, clothing, supplies, and peer support while our support meetings are structured to include mindfulness and education. Volunteer opportunities provide purpose, and work to reach more individuals in the need of support and community.

BRAVE Community is the peer led community of Addiction Haven, Inc which is a non-profit Recovery Community Organization. EIN #81-0936970

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