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Arizona Recovery is a Recovery Community Organization and provides multiple peer support services including overdose outreach, family support, peer support and general support services for all substance use disorders. To request services, complete the form below:

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Detox​ ​(All​ ​Insurance)

Community​ ​Bridges: ​877-931-9142
St.​ ​Luke’s​: ​602-251-8535
Aurora​ ​(Youth​ ​and​ ​Adult): 480-345-5400
​Banner​ ​Thunderbird​: ​602-865-5830
​Copper​ ​Springs​: 480-386-9827

Detox​ ​(Private​ ​Ins)

​Scottsdale​ ​Detox​: ​480-646-7660
​Gallus​ ​Detox: ​888-228-9114 (Private​ ​Insurance/Cash​ ​Pay)

Outpatient​ ​Adult

​Awakenings​ ​Recovery: ​480-209-1977
​Renaissance​ ​Recovery: 480-526-7738
​Springboard Recovery: 888-672-2120
​Evolution​ ​Way:​ 480-292-8500

Inpatient​ ​Adult​

​Calvary​ ​Healing​ ​Center: ​602-279-1468
​Chandler​ ​Valley​ ​Hope: ​480-899-3335
​The​ ​Riversource: 888-687-7332
​Copper​ ​Springs: ​480-386-9827
​Elmtree​ ​Recovery: ​800-356-7497

AHCCCS​ ​Inpatient

Crossroads​: ​602-263-5242
​Maverick​ ​House​: ​623-931-5810
​Chicanos​ ​Por​ ​la​ ​Causa: ​602-233-9747
​Native​ ​American Connections: ​602-254-3247
​Ebony​ ​House: ​602-276-4288
​Unhooked​ ​at​ ​the​ ​Heights: ​602-368-4471

Crossroads​: 602-263-5242
Casa​ ​de​ ​Amigas​: ​602-265-9987
​Lifewell: ​602-808-2800
​NCADD: 602-264-6214
Native American​ ​Connections​: 602-254-3247
​Alba​ ​House:​ ​602-276-4288
​Maverick​ ​House​: ​623-931-5810

Lifewell: ​602-808-2800
​NCADD: 602-264-6214
Native​ ​American​ ​Connections: 602-254-3247

AHCCCS​ ​Outpatient

Banner Thunderbird: ​602-865-5830
​​Community​ ​Bridges: ​877-931-9142
​Terros: 602-685-6000
Southwest​ ​Behavioral​ ​Health: ​480-820-5422
​Building​ ​Blocks​ ​Counseling: 602-626-8112​ ​(17-26 yrs. of age)​

Youth​ ​Inpatient​ ​and​ ​Outpatient​ ​(Private​ ​Ins/Private​ ​Pay)

Pathway​ ​Program​: ​​www.thepathwayprogram.com

Youth​ ​Outpatient​ ​(Private​ ​Ins/Private​ ​Pay)

ASAP: ​​​602-434-0249 | www.asapaz.com​​

Recovery​ ​Support

Alcoholics​ ​Anonymous: ​​www.aamesaaz.org
Narcotics​ ​Anonymous: ​​www.arizona-na.org
Heroin​ ​Anonymous: ​​www.heroinanonymous.org
Celebrate​ ​Recovery: ​​www.celebraterecovery.com
Redeemed2Repeat: ​​www.redeemed2repeat.org
Smart​ ​Recovery: ​​www.smartrecovery.org
Full​ ​Circle​ ​(​Youth):​ ​​www.fullcircleprogram.com

Harm​ ​Reduction​ ​and​ ​Naloxone​

​Sonoran​ ​Prevention​ ​Works: ​​www.spwaz.org​​ ​
Shot​ ​in​ ​the​ ​Dark: ​623-738-5539

Medication​ ​Assisted​ ​Treatment​ ​(AHCCCS​ ​or​ ​Private​ ​Pay)

​​Community​ ​Medical​ ​Services: www.communitymedicalservices.org​
​Intensive​ ​Treatment​ ​Systems: ​​www.itsofaz.com​
​Southwest​ ​Behavioral​ ​(Best for​ ​dual​ ​diagnosis): ​​www.sbhservices.org​​
​​Community​ ​Bridges: ​​www.communitybridgesaz.org

Family​ ​Support​

Parents​ ​of​ ​Addicted​ ​Loved​ ​Ones​ ​(PAL): ​​www.palgroup.org
Al-Anon: ​​www.al-anon-az.org
Co-Anon: ​​www.co-anon.org
Nar-Anon: www.nar-anon.org
Celebrate​ ​Recovery: ​​www.celebraterecovery.com
Partnership​ ​(Call​ ​line​ ​plus​ ​parent​ ​coaching): ​​www.drugfree.org
Redeemed2Repeat: ​www.redeemed2repeat.org
Crisis​ ​Network: ​(602)​ ​427-4600​ ​​| www.crisisnetwork.org​​
​Crisis​ ​Hotline: ​602-222-9444
Crisis​ ​Text:​ #​741741
Teen​ ​Lifeline​: ​(602)​ ​248-8336​ | ​​www.teenlifeline.org

Psychiatric​ ​Facilities

CPEC​ ​Psychiatric​ ​Care​ ​and​ ​Inpatient: ​480-507-​ ​3180​ ​(​SMI​ ​assessment,​ ​Petition,​ ​and​ ​Bridge​ ​Scripts Also)
Oasis​ ​Behavioral​ ​Health Acute​ ​Inpatient​ ​Psych​ ​Hospital:​ 480-470-0069
Quail​ ​Run​ ​Behavioral​ ​Health: ​844-772-7771
Aurora​ ​Behavioral​ ​Health: 480-345-5400
Urgent​ ​Psychiatric​ ​Care:​ ​602-416-7600​ ​(​SMI​ ​assessment,​ ​Petition,​ ​and​ ​Bridge​ ​Scripts​ ​Also)

Free​ ​Facilities​ ​Inpatient

Salvation​ ​Army​ ​(Men): ​602-256-4500
Phoenix​ ​Dream​ ​Center​ ​(Men): ​602-346-8700
Phoenix​ ​Rescue​ ​Mission​ ​(Men): 602-​346-3384
Changing​ ​Lives​ ​Center​ ​(women​ ​and​ ​children)​: 602-​688-6219
Teen​ ​Challenge​ ​(Men-Phoenix): ​​602-​271-4084 | ​​www.tcaz.org​​
Teen​ ​Challenge​ ​for​ ​Women​ ​and​ ​Children​ ​(Casa​ ​Grande-Home​ ​of​ ​Hope): ​520-​836-5030

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